Looking for a Private Investigator or Safety Specialist.

WHS Investigators are here to help with all your investigative and safety needs. If you want to get to the truth, then call us!

Our Services Include:

  • Workplace accidents and incident investigations;
  • Work Health and Safety Management;
  • Business Risk Assessments;
  • Audits;
  • Generation of Safety Documents;
  • Location of persons of interest;
  • Credit Control;
  • Debt Collection;
  • Fraud Control;
  • Intellectual Property protection;
  • Repossessions;
  • Process serving;
  • Witness interviews and statement taking;
  • Scene examination;
  • Lead generation including door knocks;
  • Surveillance & Covert Operations;
  • Intelligence, analysis, evaluation and strategy development;

Poorly investigated accidents or safety systems have a ripple effect that can  lead to WHS on the spot infringement notices, court cases, legal fees, further specialist investigations, penalties and jail.  Poor quality reporting and safety management attract bigger penalties. 

The after-effect of an accident can also be costly.  For instance,

  • Wage and Productivity Loss
  • Medical Costs
  • Community Reputation
  • Employees may need follow up counselling.
  • Employee discussions about what happened amongst themselves.
  • Impact on employees jobs in the future. 
  • Seeking temporary labour hire to cover for injured employees.

Above all else, you want your matter handled as quickly and professionally as possible so your company can go back to normal. 

We have a team of work health and safety specialists and private investigators.  They will handle your investigation and safety requirements with sensitivity and  professionalism and provide an independent report 


Categories of Investigations

As WHS specialists we know you need to find the root cause of your accident. You want accidents and near misses investigated to prevent future events.  Reports that must go to government need to be correct. Otherwise you may attract a full audit of your premises. And then the outcome may be greater than you planned for.  

Also note, we also investigate chemical accidents that damage the environment and our safety in design specialist investigates machinery accidents.

Claims of legal misconduct by other staff members must be investigated.  Our sister company Corporate Private Investigators handles these investigations.  For instance they look into claims on sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination.  They also do internal fraud investigations.  With these types claims you want to find the truth quickly.

On your behalf Corporate Private Investigators will investigate whether the claims are true and whether further action is required.  Failure to act swiftly, could damage your corporate image and reputation.  In addition it could result in further penalties for failing to act.  

Training and Mentoring

Accident & Incident Investigation Online Training

Learn how to effectively conduct your own accident and incident investigation BEFORE an incident occurs via our online training course.

Accident Investigation Mentoring Program

Workplace Accident

AFTER an accident WHS Investigators can mentor you through the processes required to conduct a full investigation.  The investigation starts immediately after casualties have been removed from premises/site.