WHS Investigators has online accident investigation training that can be done before an accident has occurred in your business this will result in significant savings for your business.  Or you may not feel confident conducting your own accident investigation therefore you have two other options:

1. WHS Investigators has an Accident Investigation Mentoring Program that can mentor you through the process of conducting your own  investigation.  This will save you money on a full outsourced investigation.  Also you learn on the go what to do and this is a valuable skill set that you will always have.  In addition you have someone with experience stepping you through the processes and backing you up.

2. Accidents can be overwhelming and highly emotional and you may not wish to handle any part of the investigation yourself.  Therefore you may wish to choose the Full Accident Investigation service to take control of the whole process.

Accident Investigation Training

Your business may never have an accident which is what you work towards.  However you need to Learn how you effectively conduct your own accident and incident investigation BEFORE an accident occurs on your premises.  Because if you leave it until an accident actually occurs you will be under a lot more stress.  You may also find that you have not been reporting correctly all accidents and incidents and it may cost more in penalties.

Accident Investigation Training is provided to you as an online module because we know how time poor most business owners are.  This means you can do it at your own pace or on days when you have a lull in work.

Some accidents and incidents must be reported to government agencies and that will lead to in-depth look at your accident investigation reports.  This in turn may lead them to question and look at all your WHS processes and systems resulting in further penalties should your system not be effective.  If you lack a WHS safety management system it may result in higher penalties or jail.  So before an accident WHS Investigators can help you establish your WHS safety system because let’s face it, you don’t want to go to jail! 

Accident Investigation Mentoring Program
Workplace Accident

AFTER you have a workplace accident is not the time to start doing a course in accident investigations.  Therefore if you have no experience, we can mentor you through what you need to do after injured staff have been treated so you don’t miss a critical step. 

You have a whole series of process to go through after an accident.  A quality accident investigation is needed, because a poor investigation could lead to other penalties and legal actions.  

WHS Investigators can conduct a  full investigation or mentor you through all the stages of the investigation.  

If you need instant help with starting your accident investigation you need to contact us immediately no matter the time of day or night. As we can help you before you make a mistake in your  investigation process.  Because we can do the initial investigation via zoom means we can respond to your request anywhere in Australia.  A Zoom link will be sent to your phone and you will need to connect online with our WHS Investigators.  You will then show your appointed investigator what happened and they will mentor you through the initial stages. 

Other Online Training

Team of Subject Matter Experts

Most WHS consultants have the same qualifications but how we applied that knowledge gives us all different skill sets.  Therefore having a wide variety of Subject Matter Experts in WHS and other  fields means that WHS Investigators can help you with all your training needs through our training affiliates.


1. Work Health & Safety

  • Fire (complete suite)
  • Manual Handling
  • Hazard & Risk Assessment
  • WHS Representatives
  • WHS Safety in Design

2. Human Resources

  • Recruitment
  • Creating Position Descriptions
  • Creating Effective Employment Contracts
  • Foundations of Payroll System
  • Creating an Induction Program
  • Induction Training
  • Performance Reviews for Managers
  • How to Handle a Performance Review
  • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness
  • Effective Interview Techniques for Aboriginal Clients
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment

3. Business Systems

  • Cyber Reconnaissance (Cyber Risk Assessment)
  • Cyber Awareness for Staff
  •  Every Day Project Management
  • Getting the Most out of Meetings
  • Minute Taking
  •  Effective Minute Taking
  • Proposal Writing
  • Skills for Personal and Executive Assistants

4. Business Development

  • Marketing Training
  • Digital Tools
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Business Mastermind
  • Flow Networking
  • Business Start Ups

5. Personal Development

  • Leadership Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Mindset
  • Career Development
  • Communication 
  • Time Management
  • Retirement Planning