Workplace Accident Investigations must be conducted whenever your business has an injury to your staff or your visitors.  If your injured person requires medical attention or someone dies you must notify Workcover.

Your workplace accidents generate a lot of questions.  If your team is not skilled in investigation, interviewing, or finding the root cause of your accident you need WHS Investigators.  

Root Cause Analysis is based on the idea that your managers require more than merely troubleshooting problems.  It is about you finding a way to prevent accidents by discovering all the parts that added to your accident.

You need our team of trained investigators that have a WHS background  to find out what really caused your accident and why!

Factual Investigation

Factual workplace Investigations involves interviewing your staff and finding evidence to produce a report that is factual when finished.

Interviewing your witnesses is not easy and you may find it quite emotional if you were to do the interviews. Your staff may not want to talk to you because they may fear getting in trouble.  Therefore, our WHS Investigators makes it easier for your staff to share information because we only want facts.


In your accident investigation there can be no “good cop, bad cop”.  Instead you need investigators that have good people skills, so instead use WHS Investigators.  Because built-in to our investigators is their keen insight and experience that spots the lies.

Your WHS Investigators reports are based on fact, not emotion. 

Notifiable Incidents

Notifiable Incident

Workplace accidents that you must report to Worksafe require that you find the sequence of events that caused your accident.

Your notifiable incidents will be reviewed by government investigators and you don’t want a poor investigation causing you more problems.  Therefore, immediate action by WHS Investigators can help by highlighting any potential pitfalls.



If you suspect a false Workcover claim by one of your staff members then  monitoring or surveillance may be required.  Watching your staff in their day-to-day life and checking their Facebook posts could provide evidence of a false claim.

Video surveillance is your best method for fraud in a claim involving soft tissue injuries, although it costs more than other types of investigations.  

False claims can have a costly effect on your business, so finding the truth quickly can protect you.